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Goa Carnival 2022

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival is one of the most cherished festivals across South Asia. The carnival involves feasts, dancing, drinking, and more! Goa Carnival is celebrated over 4 days throughout the whole state with great spirit.

How is the Goa carnival celebrated?

Goa Carnival is a grand festival where people of different cultures and Tourists come together to eat, dance, drink feni,, and enjoy other cultural activities. During the Carnival, the streets of Goa are filled with huge Parades which include live bands, concerts and more, which makes the festival more lively and Joyous. After all Goa is well known for partying! At the Carnival, people wear masks and costumes based on the theme of the festival, inspiring music commonly performed live, sports competitions, floats and parades, fine dining, drinking and lots of fun activities. Let’s take a look at some of the famous activities associated with this Carnival:


  • No doubt, one of the most humorous traditions of Goa Carnival is the Assoltes. In this tradition people dress up in cool outfits and perform funny Folk plays filled with sarcasm and prank their friends. If the person fails to realize that he/she is getting pranked then as a result of failure they have to feed the pranksters with food and drinks.
  • People also clean their whole house before Easter begins which is part of most traditions in Goa.
  • Just like in Holi, people play with bright colors at the Goa Carnival and engage in playful battles. Formerly eggs, dyes and flour were used which are now replaced by colored powder.

Carnival Dinner

Goa’s hotels and restaurants serve delicious seafood and meat. During the Goa Carnival people can soak in the rich flavors and enjoy the taste of Goa’s Traditional cuisine.

Red and black dance

The Goa Carnival is incomplete without this special dance called the Red and Black Dance. This dance performance takes place before Pancake Tuesday, the last holiday before Ash Wednesday’s Lent begins. During this Red and Black Dance, The Women wear red & black dresses, and men put on red shirts and black pants. They dance together on the beats of great music. Non-stop music and street dance make Goa as graceful as possible.

Where will the Goa Carnival 2022 Be Held?

Panaji, Vasco da Gama, Mapusa, and Margao are the four major towns where Goa Carnival 2022 will be held.
Goa Carnival 2022 is just around the corner, it starts from 26th February and ends on 1st March. Goa is well known for it’s tradition and Culture. Every year, tourists visit Goa during this Goa Carnival to explore and celebrate the fun and tourist activities performed during the period. We hope that we have convinced you to visit the Goa Carnival! We’ll be there and we sure hope to see you, too!

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