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Best Beaches in Goa for Nightlife

What do you think of when someone mentions Goa? Beaches? Parties? Nightlife in general, right? Well, you’ve hit the bull’s eye with what you’re expecting.
Goa has the best nightlife in India. Beaches in Goa have that happening vibe which you will not find anywhere else across India.
But Goa has lots of beaches and it can be confusing which ones to visit for an unforgettable experience, right?
Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Here are five best beaches in Goa for nightlife.

Baga Beach

In the words of many visitors that have been there, Baga Beach in the foreground of the ocean looks straight out of a painting. It is not only a wonderful place to chill with your friends but one can also catch a few moments of calm and serenity.

Calangute Beach

Known as the “Queen of Beaches” in Goa, the Calangute Beach is the place to be for nature lovers. Be it lofty waves or the calming sea breeze, the Calangute beach is home to everything you need for a fun and relaxing few hours.

Candolim Beach

Are you someone who’s a fan of adventure sports? Then, you just have to visit the Candolim Beach on your trip to Goa.
Apart from adventure sport, the Candolim beach will also make sure that you have a time of your lifetime with your buddies.
The festive vibe of this spot is sure to give you some unforgettable memories to take back home from your Goa trip.

Anjuna Beach

Situated on the West Coast of Goa, the Anjuna Beach is another hotspot for those looking to experience the famous Goan nightlife.
The hippies from the 1950s loved this spot and once you’ve been to the Anjuna Beach, you’ll know why.
The most happening beach parties, the sound of the sea, and the unmatchable party vibe, remember to keep Anjuna Beach on your list.

Morjim Beach

Surrounded by greenery on all sides, Morjim Beach is also a wonderful spot for nature lovers.
This beach is more than just nightlife and parties. Apart from partying with your friends, you can also visit this beach during the day if you love birdwatching.
So, keep the Morjim Beach on your list and enjoy the Night Life in Goa.


So, here was the list of the top beaches in Goa to visit to experience the famous Goan nightlife.
Remember these spots for the next time you visit Goa. We hope you have a memorable trip!


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