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Best & Famous Churches to Visit in Goa 

Goa is no doubt the most beautiful destination in India and well known for its beaches and Churches, if you plan to travel there you must pay a visit to the beautiful churches and learn about the traditions and value of those popular churches. In this article, We have listed some of the best and famous churches to be visited in India.

In Goa, tourists of all cultures regardless of their religion visit the Churches. The tourists even plan a Goa Carnival Tour to watch all the best and famous churches in one place. 

Let’s look at the some of the well known churches located in Goa: 

1. Basílica (Bom Jesus)

Basilica also known as Bom Jesus is no doubt one of the best and most famous churches located in Goa, it is declared as the National Heritage for the tourists. Daily thousands of tourists pay a visit to this church and click photos of the beautiful architecture.

2.  Se Cathedral

If you are fond of ancient sculptures and architecture then you must pay a visit to India’s largest and most ancient church. It was originally built in the memory of St. Catherine that’s why it was named as Se Cathedral. 

3. Assisi, The Church of St. Francis 

If you wish to know Goa’s rich history and traditional cultures then you must visit Assisi, widely known as The Church of St. Francis. It is one of the most visited Churches by the tourists of Goa for Catholics. 

4. Our Lady of Immaculate Church (Conception)

This church is famous among the tourists because of it’s beautiful interior as well as the exteriors, it’s known as the oldest churches as it was built in the late 17th Century. Whenever you plan to visit this church, you must also visit the Chapel of St. Xavier`s.

5. St. Catherine’s Chapel

Although St. Catherine’s Chapel is the smallest church in Goa, it is also the most visited by the residents of Goa. This historical church was originally built during the Portuguese period and it’s structure symbolises Portuguese rule. 

6. Lady Rosario Church

You can easily get the view of this beautiful Church if you live in Western Goa, it has separate Chapels. The first chapel is built in memory of Lady Rosario. 


Churches of Goa are popular among the tourists from all communities. A lot of people visit the churches on their holidays. We have mentioned some best and famous Churches in this article for you to visit. 


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